International Day of People with Disabilities

On December 3rd, we celebrate The International Day of People with Disabilities🎉
The United Nations (UN) has outlined and reiterated its commitment to calling for the creation of inclusive, accessible and sustainable societies and communities ‚Äď most notably with the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Over time, the UN has honed its focus on promoting the well-being and welfare of people living with disabilities, and in 1992 called for an international day of celebration for people living with disabilities to be held on December 3 each year.

The topic for this year is ‘THE FUTURE IS ACCESSIBLE’ which means that we must all, together, look towards a future where the barriers which stand in people‚Äôs way no longer exist.

Remember! The health impairment should not stop anyone from functioning, being included or participating in the activities of the community.

To find out more about IDPWD click here:

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