Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn Stairlifts Partnership

5010_partner_seal_newHere at disability Stockport we are always looking for new avenues for funding since the local council stopped their direct funding a few years ago.

That is why we are currently in a partnership with several stairlift manufacturers.


Acorn Stairlifts have agreed to a partnership with us, this partnership states that sales that acorn stairlifts make through our referals give us a percentage of the sale as a charitable donation from Acorn. The revenue we make from this will be put back into our services as we are a non-for profit charity.

We chose Acorn because of their admirable track record with customer care as well as their extensive policies which protect their clients. However we strongly suggest you gather your own research from numerous sources before making an informed decision on which service/manufacturer to use.

Please note other stairlift manufacturers are available and we have no personal experience with Acorn’s products.

Our choice was made purely from the (positive) notes made by regulatory bodies and secondary sources/reviews

Although we advertise Acorn’s services, we do not have any involvement with the service and products provided to the public, we cannot be held responsible for any negative experience you have when using Acorn stairlifts.

If you are interested in Acorn products & services please use the form below for enquiry’s as a portion of your purchase will be donated to us this way.

Alternatively, When calling Acorn

Quote this code to the operator: 92915 and specify you were referred through Disability Stockport