Connect enables its members to get out and about to enjoy social and leisure activities. Support is offered by our team of trained and dedicated volunteers.


Group activities are organised in response to our members wishes, and we usually have two evening group activities each week, with additional activities at weekends. Activities range from quiz nights and pub meals, to trips to the coast, and other places of interest.

As well as the group events, we can also support members to participate in leisure activities on an individual basis for example going to a restaurant, the cinema or the shopping mall.


Membership is open to adults aged 18+ Our activities take place at wheelchair accessible venues and we are proud to be inclusive to all. The service is ideal for disabled people and those who feel socially isolated.


Volunteers are people who have offered some of their spare time to support activities chosen by our members. They receive training to offer suitable support to the members. We welcome new volunteers.


Membership is free, and prices start from £5.00 per activity to £35.00 for day trips.
We cover the costs for the volunteers.

For more information on becoming a member or to volunteer
Ring           0161 474 8283