Free Devices


Could you benefit from a free mobile device, free connectivity, and free training in basic skills on how to use it?

If you are you aged 18+, with no access to the internet at home (and unable to afford to buy a device and connectivity) and can check one of the criteria listed below – then you may be eligible:

Have an underlying health condition or disability
Have no social support network either nearby or at a distance
Have a low income
Are aged 70 or over
Received a letter from the NHS asking you to self-isolate at the beginning of lockdown

Disability Stockport is providing free devices in partnership with the Good Things Foundation, supported by DCMS, via the project, which aims to ‘connect the unconnected’ by supporting the 1.9 million offline households in the UK.

Through this scheme we will provide you with a device and connectivity and help you to use throughout lockdown and beyond. You will become the legal owner of the device, we do not ask for it to be returned at any stage.

If it sounds like this scheme could benefit you, or someone you support, please contact at Disability Stockport as soon as possible confirming the reason for your eligibility, full name, DOB, and address.

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