Universal Inclusion 

This film looks at the issues faced by disabled people & encourages them to consider entrepreneurship as a positive way forward.

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Here you can find an E-bulletin which explores some of the things we do across all services

Written by Vicky Bloomfield

E-Bulletin – April 2018

Disability Stockport  Organisation Reports (2016)

Disability Stockport – Stakeholder Evaluation April 2016

These reviews are independent, unabridged and our in line with our ethos of co-production as a user led organisation; to be open and transparent with our membership and the public in general.

Disability Stockport Strategic Report 2016


We produce a quarterly newsletter providing information for and about people who have a physical or sensory disability.

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Primus Post

The Primus Post is writtten by our Primus members, staff and volunteers. It is now published quarterly and includes articles about the activities and trips which regularly take place both at our Primus Centre and out in the community.

Nexus Changing Times Newsletter

The Nexus Changing Times newsletter is a local based newspaper that aims to share information about Equality related issues and also promote the positive contributions made within the locality.

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